Earth Day: an occasion to consider greenwashing

By Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

Verde client (the new name for‘s store) is commemorating Earth Day with an awareness building campaign to identify the integrity of the products (and advertising) we consume.

Reuseit is asking its community to flex their product and brand savvy by spotting examples of “greenwashing” this Earth Day. Have you seen a blatant attempt by brands to mask the truth behind their products’ claims? Post a picture, screen grab, link or video to Reuseit’s new Facebook page and you might win a snackTAXI reusable snack or sandwich bag.

An all-too-blatant example of greenwashing was spotted by Lisa Sharp, a member of Reuseit’s recently launched 24-person Ambassador team. Lisa is a blogger at Retro Housewife Goes Green and you can read about (and watch) her greenwashing catch here. Reuseit is planning a roundup of the best of the worst instances of greenwashing spotted this Earth Day, will keep the discussion active, and announce a winner of the snackTAXI on its social sites.

Earth Day is also the perfect time to reinforce the power of reusables as a simple, high-impact way we can take action every day. Check out Reuseit’s 10 Simple Ways to Cut Down on Disposables & spread the word.

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Kristin Carpenter-Ogden

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